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2016 - 17 District Directory Available on-lineSee Quick Links
Next District Cabinet Meeting Sunday, November 12th at 2PMAt Bucks County Blind Center
Banner Night to be held Sunday, August 27th, 4 to 8 PMSee District Events for details
New Lions Club joins the DistrictBucks Co Community College Lions Club with 22 members
BUCKS COUNTY RALLY - save the dateTo be held Thursday, October 19th- More info to come

  District Governor’s Message-August

Wow I can’t believe how fast time flies by us. It’s been almost one month since becoming the District Governor. Well I spent ten days in Chicago at the International Convention and also had three solid eight hour days of my final training. What a remarkable experience to have been a part. I met some many different Lion’s from around the world. We were pushing I heard around forty thousand people.          I have set my goals for the year as all District Governors do. Mine is to increase the District by at least one more Lion’s club and hopefully grow each club by at least one new member. Membership is a major concern and we as Lion’s need to correct the downward spin if we want any chance to survive. I believe we can do it.       I’m also going to start my club visitations in September. 1st VGD Rita has been emailing and calling to set up a visitation for us to come out and greet each club. I urge the club President or Secretary to let us know what dates would work for your club and we’ll try our best to make it workout. I don’t plan on doing too many far away visitations in the Winter months due to weather and also daylight.(December thru February ) Please keep this in mind. I will do some visitations to clubs that are somewhat local. Call 1ST VDG Rita for arrangements or feel free to send myself an email.       I am also this year planning on collecting clothing and shoes for the Veterans. We will get the items distributed in each county to the local branch. I’m also planning on a service project in each County of working in a soup kitchen or with a local church in helping feed the needy on Holiday’s. I again am looking for volunteers for this and please feel free to call me or send me an email to sign up. We don’t have any dates lined up at this time but I will be announcing them as we set them up.      The International President’s theme this year is “WE SERVE “. I’m also looking for a few Zone Chair People in Montgomery County and Delaware County. Right now we have four vacant Zone Chair positions. If you have an interest please call or send an email. 
        We have Banner night set up for August 27th at the Flourtown Country Club from 4 PM TILL 8 PM. See the attached flyer and we are looking for a wonderful turnout and a lovely afternoon. The cost is $ 38.50 per person. There will be a cash bar.       Our first Cabinet meeting will be held Sunday August 6th at Evansburg United Methodist Church, 3871 Germantown Pike, Collegeville, Pa, 19426. The meeting will start at 2:00 PM. Hope to see everyone there.       I want to thank IPDG Jim Beerman on a superb year he had running the District. It was such a pleasure spending many nights with Jim on visitations and also traveling to our four State Council meetings and the State Convention. Well done Jim.       1st VDG Rita also I want to thank for all her time spent traveling with us to every place we went. I also want to thank Rita for all her time and effort she has given myself and the District.       Our new 2nd VDG is William ( Bill ) Keyburn. Bill started the Newest club in our District, The Bucks County Community College Lion’s club. Thank you Bill for your time and effort. I look forward to working with you and traveling together.       Lion’s please feel free to reach out to any one of us for help or assistance this year. It’s what we’re here for. Together we can do GREAT things. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.    Thank you, DG Wayne Bickel


1st Vice District Governor Message – August

  I hope you’re planning to attend Banner Night on August 27th, as the incoming DG team exchange their club banners.  It will be a moving start to a new District 14A Lions year.  See you there!
Several clubs have already scheduled their visitations with District Governor Wayne.  Those I’ve spoken with have
been very receptive and helpful when I’ve contacted them to setup these dates.  Any of you who would like to set a meeting date please call or email me with your request (610-574-4598,  DG Wayne has asked if 2-3 clubs would be willing to join together for these meetings, so if that’s a possibility let me know.  I’m still actively setting up the schedule – so I’ll be in touch.
The District Governor is planning on using a digital directory which will be accessed through the district’s website.  I’ve been gathering club information, i.e. officers, meeting dates and locations.  There are just three clubs left that I have to get in touch with since their PU-101s were not submitted to LCI.  I’ll be calling you shortly.  Once the 2017-18 directory is available I would ask each club secretary to check their club’s listing to assure correctness.  If any of your information is incorrect, contact me and I can forward the changes to the district secretary.
DG Wayne has appointed me to the Global Leadership Team (GLT) for our district.  The GLT coordinator is part of the newly developed Global Action Team (GAT) which will be charged with promoting development of service, membership and leadership throughout all levels of Lions Clubs International.  Empowering Lions to become leaders involves their training and use of management skills to achieve the goal of mapping out where and how our Lions organization will succeed and survive.  LCI provides different resources for those of us who are thinking about leadership roles in either the district and perhaps beyond.  During this weekend’s Council Meeting our DG team will be meeting with others from MD14 to brainstorm ideas to help the GAT and Lions Clubs International to succeed.       It’s not too early to start thinking about running for next year’s 2VDG position.  Check in
  year’s 2VDG position.  Check in with one of us on the DG team if you’re interested in knowing more.

Best wishes for a successful 2017-2018 Lions year!
1st VDG Rita DiAntonio



2nd Vice Governor Message-August

Thank you, my fellow Lions, for the faith you have shown in me to serve you as your 2nd Vice District Governor. My goal is that, a year from now, I have fulfilled your faith in me. Governor Wayne has identified particular needs in our community. He has recognized that there is too much hunger in our communities. His assessment is correct. He, also, has identified a need for our living and disabled veterans to be served. As a lightly disabled Viet Vet who has skipped a couple of meals, I am touched and enthused that he has identified this need. It is August. Most clubs will turn on the lights next month. Now is the time for elected and reelected officers to prepare themselves to serve their club, their community as well as their zone and their district. Go to; and, in the search box (top of the page, right hand corner – magnifying glass), type in: Lions Learning Center. Under the big blue “Login” button, there is the heading, “Course Catagories”; and, the blue opportunity to “click here” for course recommendations based on your Lions position. Do it. Welcome Aboard ! Find the blue title that matches your situation; and, click on it. Do create a personal profile; and, have at it! You might want to click on other offices just to see what they’re all about and see if you measure up. DG Wayne promises us Lions of District 14-A a very exciting year. Do be a part of it. Next month, I want to talk to your club’s Membership Chairman. If you don’t have one, get one. As always, you can speak to me directly at Don’t just look around, roar and be a force of change. Lion Bill