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  District Governor’s Message-September

Fellow Lion’s:      My how time flies. I can’t believe we are in to September. It’s also hard to believe that our first State Council meeting and our first District Cabinet meeting are done.      We just had our Banner night and it was a wonderful affair. I want to personally thank each and everyone who made this event memorable for the officers. Flourtown Country Club went over and above for us.      Now we start my visitation schedule which is included in this issue and we believe it is up to date. As you can see my team and myself will be very busy. Our President’s theme is “WE SERVE “. Yes we do SERVE that’s why I’m asking each member to remember to bring clothing and shoes to our visitations so we can get them in to the Veterans Service hands to help those in need.      I’m also asking any club that may have a contact for assisting us in getting the items in to the right hands to call myself or one of the Cabinet officers so it makes it easier on all. I have received some calls for people to assist in getting the items out. Could be a Great way to also invite a service Veteran out to a meeting. Who knows we could pick up a few members. I also want to remind the clubs that I want to reach out in each County to a soup kitchen or Church and see when we as Lion’s can help provide assistance on a serving meals day. Just another way of giving back and also meeting new people who also may want to join us. It’s a small world and I believe that what goes hand in hand always is the right approach.      We are very close in getting the District Directory on our website. It will only be available digital starting this year. A paper copy will be available if requested for a small fee. We are saving the District over one thousand dollars in printing and mailing costs. As we all know we all pay for things and if we can save we should certainly go in that direction.      The Bucks County Rally is coming up in October so please plan on attending that if you have the time. I went last year and had a wonderful time. Kudo’s to the committee for all their hard work in planning this event.      Our District convention date is also locked in. It will be held on April 7th in Plymouth meeting. More details will be coming out after the holidays.      I hope you all enjoy your Labor day and we look forward to visiting each club and breaking bread. Remember ” WE SERVE “   Thanks, DG Wayne





1st Vice District Governor Message – September

  Lions, Leos, and Lioness:       Great to see those of you who were able to attend Banner Night.  All there had a great time and left ready to begin our new Lions year.  I’ve already begun thinking about next year’s Banner Night – so stay tuned.     All Presidents and Secretaries, remember that I’m still scheduling DG Wayne’s visits for September through November and March through May.  Contact me if you have a date in mind so I can check for conflicts and put your club on the list.      As a VDG I have been entailed with encouraging my fellow Lions to pursue opportunities for educating yourselves about leadership.  Your leadership skills are needed at the club level and also at the district level.  Take the plunge – like I did – and attend seminars and training sessions to learn more about your role in the district.  I have prepared a page detailing various educational opportunities available to you at the state level and beyond.  It appears (wherever Wilbur has found room in this edition!) and includes a reservation flyer and an application form for various upcoming events.  Please take advantage and ensure the success of our Lions’ mission of service. 

Best wishes for a successful 2017-2018 Lions year!
1st VDG Rita DiAntonio


2nd Vice Governor Message-September

 Lights are coming back on across the district as clubs that have been dark for the summer are coming alive. Lions, after their summer slumber are looking around, checking out their communities and beginning to make plans on how best to serve their communities over the rest of the Lion Year. Welcome back, Lions; youʼve been missed.   I have a challenge for you that I think is worthy of you. That is, there is no reason why each of the sixty-five clubs in our district cannot add one new member by 1 October.   Do you have a vision professional in your club? Iʼm sure you have, at least, one optometrist in your community. These people have devoted their academic and professional careers to preserving and recapturing sight. Lions have, since accepting Helen Kellerʼs challenge to become “knights of the blind”, devoted themselves and their resources to preserving and recapturing sight. How can, at least, one of the optometrists in your community not say yes to your invitation to join forces by becoming a Lion?    Invite an optometrist to attend your meeting in September. Are they interested in becoming your clubʼs vision expert and in keeping your club informed on the vision needs and the visible opportunities in your community? Would they like to be a part of the vision screening of the children in your community? All you need to do is to ask.    Ask one!   Club Secretaries, did you know that 30 (45%) of the clubs in our district have not filed an Activities Report in over 10 months? The best way to attract new members to your club is through active, visible community projects. The best way to keep members in your club is through active, visible community projects. You didnʼt become a Lion so that you could pay dues. You became a Lion to make a difference. New members arenʼt going to join your club because they want to pay dues. New members are going to join your club to do something, to make a difference. Clubs, show the world what you can do.    Help your Membership Chairperson out. Your club does have a membership chairperson, doesnʼt it? Your club is involved in active, visible, community projects, arenʼt you?   Perhaps your club has an active Membership Chairperson and your club has many dynamic, active, visible community projects. Could the reason that almost half of our districtʼs clubʼs secretaries are not filing Activity Reports is because they donʼt know how? If thatʼs the case, contact your Zone Chairperson, immediately! Letʼs be sure you can file an Activity Report for September CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING