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  District Governor’s Message-December

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. To me it’s one of the best Holidays as most get together with their families to kick off the Holiday season. I want to take a minute to thank all who called and sent cards on my recent heart attack. I’m on the mend and continue to get stronger day by day.  It’s hard to believe that I’m just entering in to my sixth month of serving as your District Governor. It has been such a pleasure going on visitations and meeting and greeting each and everyone of you. We have visited over half the clubs so far (34) and will continue on visitations after the first of the year. If you are not scheduled please contact 1st VDG Rita so we may get you on our schedule. We also had our second State Council meeting and second Cabinet meeting. Wow time flies, halfway there on both of those meetings. The clothing drive we have put on for the Homeless Veterans has been overwhelming and I personally want to thank all who have donated. To date we have sent five truckloads of clothing out to the Veterans services. Again in keeping with our International President’s theme ” WE SERVE “. I also want to thank the clubs for donating to the Hurricane victims. I personally delivered boxes of items that were donated to the State Council meeting for their delivery to Texas. We Lions here in Pa. are known for our stepping up to the plate when it comes to helping other Lions and to that we all should be proud of each other. Thank you again and again. As we approach the Christmas Holiday and New Year I want to thank each of you for your continued service to the Lions club. I wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year. We’ll see everyone next year.

Thank you, DG Wayne Bickel











1st Vice District Governor Message – December

  Lions, Leos, and Lioness:

Best wishes to our District Governor Wayne as he recovers from his recent health scare.  Our leader is again feeling well and getting ready to start the second half of his term with success for our district as his goal.  Welcome back, Wayne!           

The beginning of December will see myself and 2VDG Bill off to Harrisburg for a weekend retreat to prepare for our leadership duties next year.  For three days we’ll learn more about the Global Action Team (GAT), LCIForward and LCIF.  We’ll also engage in public speaking assignments.  Thanks to our Pennsylvania Multiple District (MD14) for hosting us with our only expense being our travel to and from.  Our administrator and leaders in Harrisburg are to be commended for their expertise and assistance in guiding our preparation for a successful 2018-19 year of service.

In mid-November I had the task of presiding at our second Cabinet Meeting.  It was a good learning/preparation experience.  I thought back to the times I attended Cabinet Meetings as president of my club and remembered how the room was packed with Lions.  What’s happened?  This past meeting had less than 30 people in attendance.  These gatherings are essential for the members of our district to learn what’s working, not producing results, or needs to be done to benefit the clubs and district administration.  Chairpersons and zone chairs were notably absent and sent no reports.  I realize there are circumstances and/or illnesses which prevent some of us from attending, but please send your report in ahead of the meeting to the DG and cabinet secretary so it can be read to those who are attending.  Our third Cabinet Meeting will be on February 11 at Overbrook School for the Blind.  All are welcome!
Vice District Governor Rita R. DiAntonio
Enjoy the Holidays with your family and friends.  I wish all of you a very healthy and prosperous New Year.
1st VDG Rita DiAntonio



2nd Vice Governor Message-December

 Every November, Villanova hosts the athletes of the Special Olympics and offers them a wide range of medical tests and exams at no charge. In chatting with PDG Ken Moore, he told me about this event, the part that the Bensalem Lions Club plays in it; and, he invited me to come see this in person. I did. What a wonderful sight! All the excitement, all the people, all the action of Lions being Lions was exhilarating. The first person I met was Lion Marc Winokur, the Bensalem Lions Clubʼs Treasurer. He told me that there would be 129 athletes attending and that 101 pairs of glasses would be made, framed, and distributed. It was not just a Lions club event for Lion Marc, he pointed out his bride, Lion Sharon and their daughter, Nina, who lives out by Lancaster and who comes every year to work as a volunteer. The three of them are devoted to doing this good work. He was telling me of the eventʼs history, stories about medical professionals that volunteer their time to provide eye exams, hearing tests, and all kinds of benefits for these athletes at no charge to them. It was at that point that a knot of concentrated excitement was coming down the hallway toward us. There was PDG Lion Ken Moore leading a group of lions to their helping points, letting them know what they needed to do and making sure that had all they needed to do it. It was the Lions of Bucks County Community College, there and in strength. I could see president Lion Sebastian Avila, secretary Lion Medelin Cruz, treasurer Lion Melissa Bray, vice president Lion Ume Sarfaraz and Lions Dalton Denis, Elia Zaid, and Jose Guerra. A nod and some waves and they were all off to make a difference. I stepped out of their way and into a classroom. I had stepped right into where it was all happening. Lion Sharon Winokur showed me their operation of collecting prescriptions from athletes, giving them a chance to choose a frame from a collection spread out on a table and receiving a brand new pair of glasses in those frames in about an hour, or so. Lion Sharon introduced me to Lion Michael Shanahan of the Bensalem Lions and to Tyrone Johns, the Territory Manager for Essilor Instruments, USA. Manager Johns had brought the firmʼs lens grinder; and, it was the center of attraction. I was amazed to watch this machine have data and lens slugs loaded in and then the machine sat there and turned the glass into glasses. Within a very short amount of time this machine would custom grind a pair of lenses of a Special Olympics athlete and they could wear them home! I was impressed. This is what Lions is all about; that is, Lions getting together at a hands-on project or event that makes a real, tangible difference for their neighbors. A tip oʼ the hat to Essilor Instruments, USA, The Bensalem Lions Club, The Bucks County Community College Lions Club, their families, the volunteer medical professionals, the Villanova University Community; and, to Chelsea that brought all of Villanovaʼs talents and resources to bear. Thank you. By the way, if your club has the time to help next year, give PDG Ken Moore a call.# Don’t just look around, roar and be a force of change.   

             Lion Bill