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  District Governor’s Message-February
Well here we are right smack in the middle of winter. It hasn’t been as bad with the temperatures as last month. We have started up our visitations again and as you will see we are winding down. If you haven’t scheduled a visit I urge you to do so by contacting myself or 1st VP Rita. We are heading out this Superbowl weekend to Allentown for our third State Council meeting. Rest assure I will be wearing “Eagles Greens” to show our pride in this part of the State. This is also the month of February which we generally show our Love. I know most of the clubs have been sharing their love with giving to those in need. My District wide campaign for clothing for the needy Veterans has been a huge success and I thank you one and all for sharing your Love to them. That’s what we do as Lions. Our District Convention is in the near future in the month of April which the way time has flown by this year it will be here sooner than later. We have changed the convention up this year by doing it all in one day. There will only be morning seminars. The voting time has changed along with adding a social hour or two in the afternoon for the basket drawing and to announce the new District Governor, 1st Vice District Governor, and the 2nd Vice District Governor election results. Of course we will have our display area in full force with many vendors and information tables. If you have never been to a District Convention this would be a great time to start. You will meet Lions from all over our District. As Governor I’m lucky enough to visit all the clubs and meet all the wonderful Lions, Lionesses, and Leo’s. I have also had the pleasure of installing new members in several clubs. What an honor to be asked to perform this duty. With that being said I’m happy to report that as of January 23rd we hit the break even mark within our District meaning we have inducted the amount of Lions we have lost. Now we work on membership in each club so we grow as a District. Ask that close friend, neighbor, co-worker, or local business owner to come out to a meeting to see what we do as Lions. It may not be for him or her but you will never know if you don’t ask. Let’s make this month a sweet one. Please as always be careful driving in the weather and we’ll chat again next month.
Thank you, DG Wayne Bickel



1st Vice District Governor Message – February

  Lions, Leos, and Lioness:
I had a wonderful learning experience in West Virginia in mid-January with my fellow MD14 District Governors Elect and other DGEs from Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia. We concentrated on formulating our goals for our District Governor year. Collaboration and critique from my peers helped me with the task of pinning down the goals I want to achieve in our district next year and the action plan steps needed to make them happen. Lions International makes the job of leadership much more attainable with web-based learning tools and these interactive seminars. For those of you contemplating a step up the ladder of leadership in our district don’t be apprehensive – there’s help all the way to the top. Take advantage of the ‘Multiple District Spring Fling Symposium’ to be held on March 3rd at the PA State Lions Office (there’s a flyer in this issue of The Announcer). This is a great day for all Lions – those who want to remain ‘just Lions members’, those on their club’s board, and anyone thinking of moving on up! Make your reservation now. If you visit www.lionsclubs.org you will find a wealth of information on the new initiatives of LCI Forward and the Global Action Team (GAT), as well as the duties of positions in your club. You can view videos on all sorts of Lions activities. Take a few minutes and check out this website. For any clubs planning service projects, choose to do one in the Lions areas of service: diabetes, hunger relief, vision, the environment and pediatric cancer. These are the areas that we Lions will be concentrating on in the immediate future. The goal of LCI Forward is to triple our impact worldwide by improving the lives of at least 200 million per year by 2020-21 through expanded humanitarian service. CONTINUE READING

2nd Vice Governor Message-February


I’m a baseball fan. I’m a fan of baseball as not only a sport, I’m a fan of baseball as a life philosophy. One of the gurus of baseball is Derek Jeter. The Jeter shared some gems when comes to baseball/life in a recent issue of Fast Company magazine. Let me paraphrase three:
In leadership, as in sports, you have to do your homework. When athletes talk about playing during pivotal moments in a game, “They say ‘the game slows down when you’re prepared. When you’re not prepared, everything seems to speed up’.” You need to expect uncertainty; so, plan ahead. Plan different routes ahead to minimize the surprises that life will, certainly, bring.
Coaches use individualized tactics to motivate players, and Jeter believes the same approach works in any industry (and in Lions). “You always hear the phrase, ‘Treat everyone the same’. Well, treat everyone fairly, but don’t treat everyone the same,” he says, “There are different personalities you’re dealing with. The only way you’re able to tell the difference is if you take the time to get to know them.” Talk to someone at a Lions meeting that you don’t, usually, do. When I say talk to them, I, actually mean, listen to them. Talk to them to encourage them to talk about what is important to them.
“As a leader, not every decision you make will be popular, and that’s okay. ‘People may not agree’, Jeter says, ‘but they have to respect that you’re doing it with the best interests of the company (your club) in mind. There were times that I didn’t like some of the decisions being made about teammates of mine. But I always knew that the ultimate goal was to have the best team (club) on the field.” Don’t just look around, roar and be a force of change. Lion Bill
Some other leadership insights: “In my first job, I showed up to a meeting 30 minutes late. My boss said, ‘I know that you’ll never sleep through a meeting, again.’ The most empowering thing a leader can do is acknowledge a mistake and move ahead.” Eric Kinariwata – Founder and CEO, Capsule
“Leading bike tours after college taught me the importance of chunking a long trip (or any route to a goal) into segments that feel achievable.” David Rose – VP of Vision Technology, Warby Parker
“When you delegate, you are giving somebody else the opportunity to step up and challenge themselves, and develop their own leadership and creative capabilities.” Mary Zalia – Global president, consumer brands, Landor